HARD GRAFT WORK-SHOP or How-to-graft-a-Cornish-Apple-Tree-made-easy!

Saturday 24th February - drop-in basis.  See News Page.


New season ornamental trees, fruit and roses - call for details.


Bare-root hedging now in stock.


Sees Potatoes, Onions Sets & Shallots all now in stock, plus a great selection of seeds


A great time to plant Shrubs, Trees, Perennials and Hedging - talk to us about your requirements





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Every 3rd Saturday of the month




Hanging Baskets


'Bespoke & Beautiful' hanging basket service for summer and winter, or, make up your own from our huge selection, or simply buy 'off-the-peg'.








Marginals & Water Plants


A whole area dedicated to planting in or around water, from Astilbes to Zantedeschias. Water lilies and oxygenators in season. 




Shrubs & Climbers




A comprehensive range featuring hedging ideas for moorland and coast, plus specimen shrubs. Great selection of climbers from Akebias to Sollyas. 




Our Rose collection comprises varieties selected for the wetter growing conditions in Cornwall, plus a good range of rugosas for coastal gardens.






Hardy varieties available including cyclamen to flower in the autumn and in the Spring.






Ever popular in Cornwall, we have a good range of varieties by flowering period and size.



Grasses & Bamboos


A stunning selection of Grasses, including some more unusual ones amongst our 100 varieties, together with a good range of Bamboos.




Trees, Fruit & Vegetables


A wide range of Ornamental and Fruit Trees, including Cornish varieties. Soft Fruit, such as Apricots and Blueberries. Nursery-raised vegetable plants, plus loose potatoes, onions, shallots & garlic, in season.


Shady & Ground Cover


Dedicated sales areas for those challenging parts of your garden, including a great range of Ferns, Hostas & Hellebores for shaded corners.




More Plants